Faster. Greener. Cheaper – Using Rice Hulls to Solve Water Scarcity - The Green Techpreneur

It may be unusual for a serial entrepreneur to take inspiration from a copywriter, but Bryan Eagle does just that. As a young man in New York, his first boss, Carl Alley, ran a legendary advertising agency: “They did the really funny FedEx stuff, they were a classic, great creative firm.

Part 1: How to find and grow a billion-dollar idea - The Green Techpreneur

This is how James Rogers found, developed, and grew his billion-dollar idea. As a student in Santa Barbara, James Rogers made solar paint which he took to a lab in California, about five-hours away: “I’d get the night shift, so I’d drive up to do the experiments and gather the data.”

How to scale & thrive as a biotech business - The Green Techpreneur

Who would’ve thought that feeding maggots would be the spark for a leading-edge greentech business? When Olympia Yarger, Founder of Goterra, first started farming insects, she was just looking for a way to feed her poultry: “Why is it hard to do?How can we reduce the cost of animal feed?

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