Hi! I’m Marianne Lehnis.

I’m a creative multimedia journalist.

About Me

My love of communicating and insatiable curiosity about our incredible world and the forces that shape the constant change we see led me to a career as a multimedia journalist.
I specialise in disruptive technology, entrepreneurship, and environment, sourcing interviews and insights for titles including BBC Technology of Business, Startup Magazine, Medium, and the Powerlist.
Exploring the cutting edge of innovation-driven change is central to my work: I thrive on turning complex and abstract topics into interesting, upbeat, and where appropriate, humorous stories.
Speaking to outstanding people from all walks of life and writing or producing videos about their myriad of life experiences is a key perk of the job that I draw a lot of inspiration from.
Environmental and social justice issues are close to my heart: I volunteer as Communications Officer for a think and do tank, the Blockchain & Climate Institute, and run a meet-up for environmental activism, EnviroAct.
As a journalist, I’m fully committed to using my career to highlight issues that matter and focus attention on the big questions facing our fast-changing, high-tech world.

What Editors Are Saying

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Marianne wrote a great piece for this year's Powerlist. She stayed true to the brief and delivered a powerful read. It was a pleasure to commission her and I would certainly recommend her to any editor.

Eva Simpson

Commissioning Editor, Powerlist


Marianne is a great writer. She takes the time to research her topics and produces top of the line content. She is definitely an out of the box thinker and a pleasure to have as part of the team.

Donovan Obosi

Subeditor, ICO Crowd

Who I Have Worked With

Powerful Media

"I believe stories are incredibly important. They are how we make sense of the world."